“Shifting focus among his subjects with a lively pizzicato touch, Aussie helmer Scott Hicks (“Shine”) explores how the handicraft, patronage and commodification of art have evolved in contempo society …This is juicy entertainment for a general audience.”

“Hicks…engages with spontaneity and humor, keeping the narrative at a bright, allegro pace and dismantling much of the stiff decorum associated with classical music.”

– Variety, November 2015


“An exquisite looking insider’s view of the elite world of high-end stringed instruments”

– The Advertiser, October 2015.


“Hicks has made something universal out of the stories of these people who, despite their differences, have one thing in common – a yearning for beauty. And you don’t need to be a classical music fan for that to resonate deeply” 

– InDaily, October 2015.


“The film stays in your mind, as it has in mine, and rewards a bit of mulling. Musicians will say it is accurate and painful, and full of insights into some gifted people”

– ScreenHub, October 2015